Architecture and Justice

with the Spatial Information Design Lab (2006)
as an SIDL research assistant and SIDL research fellow

from the publication:

The Spatial Information Design Lab’s project on Architecture and Justice focuses on the alarming and unprecedented growth of the U.S. criminal justice system over the last three decades. Growing with it have been vast archives of data; indeed, criminal justice in the U.S. today is a data management and mining enterprise. Criminal justice information is primarily used to regulate and organize the lives of individuals inside its system, playing its part in an institutional selfperpetuation.

Our project refocuses criminal justice information: we start from the inside of the city, rather than trying to leave it behind. Our approach is a spatial one because questions of residence and movement are at the unacknowledged heart of the criminal justice system today — where people live, where they go to prison, and where they return. 


Following Architecture and Justice

In conjunction with Architecture and Justice, SIDL produced Scenario Planning Workshop from a charrette on justice reinvestment in Brownsville, Brooklyn, and The Pattern. Following research conducted in 2009, the SIDL produced Justice Reinvestment New Orleans.