Education CBA in a Nutshell

FB post from a grad-school friend

FD: I have two graduate degrees from the GSAPP referenced in this FB post. The first took me two years and cost two years' of tuition, fees, supplies, and cost-of-living expenses. The second took me three additional years, and those costs increased each year. I pay all my bills with the education I acquired with the first degree. That second degree does almost nothing right now but sit inside my brain, waiting. (I say "almost nothing" because sometimes it leaks out into these posts.) The FBF that posted this status (and the two people that liked it) are friends from the second program.

And this FB post basically sums up the rather commonly held CBA on an Ivy League architectural education if you happened to graduate anytime recently. The cost starts with six figures. Tack on the loan interest, and most of us are wondering if it will ever pay for itself. Don't get me wrong: it will get paid off but, at least in my case, not with the skills acquired with that debt. 

[This is one of those posts heavy on Abbreviations and Acronyms. So, as promised, my new rule is that three or more warrant a link to the glossary.]