The last post included thoughts on our cultural and individual relationships to sports and professional athletes. Since then, Bruce Ramsay brought a perfect example to my attention. So, assuming you've all seen LeBron's current Nike commercial, and in case you haven't seen the response put out by some Clevelanders, here:

To summarize and reiterate the last post, there are rules in sports. And we tend to expect the rules to be followed even off the court. As far as Cleveland is concerned, LeBron deserves a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. People say things like "It's a business." To that, I think Cleveland would say "Yeah, and he was unprofessional."

And, on that note, two related videos have also been passed my way. First up, here's ESPN's thirteen-minute E:60 piece on Middlebury's 50-year "Picking up Butch" tradition. Secondly, where does this shining gem of middle-school athletics fit in?