news: november 2015 | updates & shout-outs

This month, I'll be at the 40th annual conference of the Social Science History Association, presenting a paper on land use and density patterns in 19th-century New York with Gergely Baics. This comes as we continue to build upon the research and methods of analysis we've developed over the last couple years, considering historical New York as well as other cities

On the 17th, I'll be participating in what promises to be an interesting discussion on "Armatures of Practice: Politics of Action," part of the Storefront for Art & Architecture's Definitions series. The prompt has asked that we "produce a 'Diagram of Exchanges' to articulate and visualize the relationships that structure their practices and those that emerge from them. [... to] reveal the logistics and networks of work, and illuminate the politics that emerge from architectural action." While that diagram is proving trickier than I had originally thought, I'm currently looking at this exercise as an important analogue to my re-situation of planning practice earlier this year and a great opportunity to build on the practice-research at PRE-Office.

Two exciting publication shout-outs:

  • Definitely check out Janette Kim & Erik Carver's The Underdome Guide to Energy Reform. The book pulls together work from their very smart and nuanced project about the politics and positions in the debates on energy and environments. I was lucky to have worked on the project years ago and am very excited to see it come together now. 
  • Another blast from the past: Marking the first Chicago Architecture Biennial and celebrating the first year of The Avery Review, the publication has gone print! Alongside several new essays, this first print version also includes a republication of my essay "Antipublic Urbanism" which reviewed the redevelopment efforts in Downtown Las Vegas.