news: march 2015 | two upcoming events on practices (in urban planning & in research)

I'm happy to note that I'll be participating in two (almost back-to-back) events at Columbia's GSAPP in the coming weeks. 

First, I'll be speaking as a part of the Future of Urban Planning Forum, a series of talks on the state and future of planning practice in the 21st Century. The list of speakers in this short series looks fantastic -- and if you're curious as to how the changing dynamics of urbanism are consequently affecting the planner's activities, then definitely check out the list. I'll be speaking on an operative mode of practice within complexity on Thursday, 26 March at 1PM. The series of talks continues through 7 May.

Following that, I'm very excited to be moderating the first section of a half-day Forensic Methodology symposium put together by the ARPA (Applied Research Practices in Architecture) Initiative at GSAPP on Monday, 30 March. From the symposium poster: "This symposium invites a diverse group of
influential researchers to open their methodology to critical examination and discussion. Focusing on the how rather than the what of their particular research practices, we hope to better understand the agency of research in architecture as well as its impact on other fields of knowledge."