news: july 2015 | midsummer updates

We're beyond the All Star break, which means the summer is in full swing. Gearing up for the fall semester (which will bring with it a new graduate seminar on the digital restructuring of urban space), it's time for a little midsummer accounting of a few recent projects.

The proceedings and transcript of last spring's Forensic Methodology symposium have been published in Issue 03 of ARPA Journal.

Redesigned versions of my Remapping Snow maps (2013) were included in "Old Maps, New Tricks: Digital Archaeology in the 19th-Century City" on Urban Omnibus. My collaborator Gergely Baics and I discussed some of the opportunities for urban historical research afforded by new GIS methods and a growing collection of digitized historical cartographic resources.

The Office:MG team has been hard at work on projects at home and abroad on topics ranging from urban economic development to international illicit trafficking, from housing to conflict resolution. We posted an update recently on the firm's first six months on Blog:MG.

The largest of the Office:MG project updates is the launch of Campaign Mapping, which will run through the November 2016 election. The project translates (and therefore interprets) what the 2016 presidential candidates say on the trail into map-based data visualizations of the country. We produce a handful of new maps for this ongoing atlas each week, and along the way ask a series of questions about how candidates speak to and about the issues and the nation. The project website is updated roughly 6 days a week, and I promise further commentary on the project as it progresses here.