upcoming: talking about the labor of architecture in Venice

Book Launch for The Architecture Lobby's Asymmetric Labors: The Economy of Architecture in Theory and Practice. At the Venice Biennale, New Zealand Exhibition. Friday, 27 May 2016 at 3PM. 

From the press release (Full Press Release [PDF]): 

The Architecture Lobby will debut its edited booklet, Asymmetric Labors: The Economy of Architecture in Theory and Practice at the 2016 Venice Biennale. With contributions from over fifty architectural historians, theorists, students, writers, and practitioners from across the globe, the texts provide a slice through the uneven terrain of values and unequal labor practices of historical and theoretical architectural work. The booklet is intended to spark a conversation about what the value of such labor is, both within the discipline and profession of architecture, and how it impacts and is impacted by the discursive and material production of the built environment.

Editors Aaron Cayer, Peggy Deamer, Sben Korsh, Eric Peterson, and Manuel Shvartzberg in conversation with Jessica Barter (Bureaux), Leah Meisterlin (GSAPP, Columbia University), Bill Menking (The Architect’s Newspaper), Tony van Raat (AUT, Commissioner of New Zealand Exhibition), and Peg Rawes (The Bartlett, UCL). Hosted by New Zealand Institute of Architects.