Upcoming: The Sharing Movement at the Met Breuer

I'll be participating on Wednesday, 8 June in the first of a two-part symposium on the Sharing Movement organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Storefront for Art and Architecture. The event is part of the Met's In Our Time series and part of Storefront's Manifesto series. As such, there's sure to be much discussion of the much-to-discuss topics swirling around the developing sharing economy.

From the event's coordinators:

Manifesto Series: In Our Time – The Sharing Movement, is a two-part series presented by Storefront for Art and Architecture and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. How will today’s sharing movement affect the way we work, move, build, and produce new ideas and knowledge?
Participants will discuss this contemporary and ubiquitous movement, one that is increasingly influencing the exchange of goods, data, images, services, and spaces of residence and work. The series brings together leading practitioners and scholars embedded within the movement to explore its spatial, social, public, and private consequences, many of which are changing the future of urban life.
Events will take place on June 8th at the Met Breuer, and on July 19th at Storefront for Art and Architecture. Storefront will also publish a related book as part of its Manifesto Series that draws upon the issues presented during the event.

The plan right now (+/- 48 hours before the event) is to present some work from my recent research and thinking on the urban spatiosocial implications of digital sharing platforms as well as the current Cher project (in collaboration with Caitlin Blanchfield, Glen Cummings, Jaffer Kolb, and Farzin Lofti-Jam) for the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale.