miscellaneous maps

snap shots of some work produced for various reasons

The 1992-2014 Player Geography of the Tampa Bay Lightning (2014)

36 inches (wide) x 24 inches (tall).

The printed wall map includes the hometown cities of all Tampa Bay Lightning players from the 1992 through 2014 seasons, visualizing the number of players from each city and the number of games played for the Lightning. The table includes specific information for the 57 players who had contributed to 150 games or more during that time.


New York, NY: Low-Rise, High-Density Housing? (2013)

The map was produced in response to the question of low-rise, high-density housing in New York and the claim that the city lacked this form of housing development. For the analysis, density was measured relative to the oft-cited (although fairly arbitrary) thresholds of four stories and fifty units per acre. (In both cases, "low rise" and "high density" are visualized on the pink end of the spectrum.) The map was originally accompanied with a blog post response called "Yet Another Chance for Housing Again."


Florida: Critical Populations, Topography, & Bathymetry (2011)

36 inches (wide) x 24 inches (tall).

Topography and Bathymetry as a blue-to-green isorythmic map; Critical populations include crocodile (alligator), Florida panther, and manatee habitats alongside urban areas representing dense human settlement. 


Madrid, Spain: An Analysis of Density and Proximity (2011) 

Maps were produced with Urbanscale as an initial and exploratory analysis into a client's internal proprietary dataset (sorry, no additional description on this one).  Analysis methods included densities of activities by type, frequency, and value with specific attention paid to how statistical results change with different conceptualizations of urban experience (prioritization of the extended linear street versus the contained and bounded block as the primary means of organizing experience of the city, difference in results arising from different assumptions on willingness to walk and standard walking distances).


Various Cities: Architecture within Urbanism (2009)

A set of maps (including the three above) produced for Steven Holl's Urbanisms: Working with Doubt aimed at situating urban architectural projects within their varied contexts.