Student Research

Advising masters Theses at Columbia GSAPP and undergraduate Independent Student Research projects in Architecture and Urban Studies at Barnard College. 

Featured here are excerpts and example student projects.


M.S. in Urban Planning theses


Independent Studies

Rachael Dottle. "Smile B*tch: Deconstructing Gendered Geographies of Fear and Harassment, NYC."

A triptych in five panels, including 2D and 3D mapping, digitally printed and silkscreened.

(Spring 2015) 


Joao Carniero. "City Learning Toolkit."

Design and development of a customizable toolkit for urban pedagogy.

(Spring 2015)


Jourdan Sayers. "Creative Displacement on the Urban Waterfront: 3 Case Studies of Creative Class Mobility in American Port Cities."

A comparative analysis of the real estate and demographic development of urban waterfronts.

(Spring 2015)


Sam Stevens. "A Spatial Marketing Strategy: Analysis of the New York Luxury Flagship."

A diagrammatic and comparative analysis of two retail spaces.

(Spring 2015)