Independent Student Research

Advising undergraduate Independent Student Research projects in Architecture and Urban Studies at Barnard College. 

Featured here are excerpts from example student projects.


Rachael Dottle. "Smile B*tch: Deconstructing Gendered Geographies of Fear and Harassment, NYC." 

A triptych in five panels, including 2D and 3D mapping, digitally printed and silkscreened.

(Spring 2015) 


Joao Carniero. "City Learning Toolkit."

Design and development of a customizable toolkit for urban pedagogy.

(Spring 2015)


Jourdan Sayers. "Creative Displacement on the Urban Waterfront: 3 Case Studies of Creative Class Mobility in American Port Cities."

A comparative analysis of the real estate and demographic development of urban waterfronts.

(Spring 2015)


Sam Stevens. "A Spatial Marketing Strategy: Analysis of the New York Luxury Flagship."

A diagrammatic and comparative analysis of two retail spaces.

(Spring 2015)