Re-envisioning New York's Branch Libraries
As One Networked System

with Marble Fairbanks, James Lima Planning & Development, and Special Project Office (2014)
a design study organized by the Architectural League of New York and the Center for an Urban Future

In response to the design study organized by the Architectural League and the Center for an Urban Future, following CUF's Fall 2014 report "Re-envisioning New York's Branch Libraries" our interdisciplinary team, led by Marble Fairbanks, proposed a data-driven and human-centered approach to understanding the position the branch library systems play throughout New York City. We came to understand the branches as a networked, civic and social infrastructure that intersects with multiple planning priorities at different locations. These intersections present unique and powerful opportunities to align plans, optimize the efficacy of limited resources, and contribute to design excellence.

Excerpts from the project's presentation are above, which include proposals and examples at three scales: the City (data), the Neighborhood (zoning), and the User (building). Karen Fairbanks, James Lima, and Leah presented the project on 4 December 2014 at a day-long event at the Japan Society and again on 12 January 2015 at the New School


Additional Material

    The Team (with many thanks)

    • At Marble Fairbanks: Karen Fairbanks, Scott Marble, Jason Roberts, Keenan Korth
    • James Lima Planning and Development
    • At Special Project Office: Richard Tyson
    • and Dare Brawley, who worked with Leah on the data analysis